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The Eyecon2™ is a real-time, direct imaging particle analyzer built to meet the standards of the pharmaceutical industry but can be used anywhere powders and bulk solids flow. It enables faster understanding of particle size, shape and variation with real-time particle size distribution and shape data updated every ~ 5 sec. With a measurement range from 50 - 5500 μm, the Eyecon2 is well-suited for use in the food, chemical, agricultural, cosmetics and veterinary industries.

The Eyecon2 helps customers understand particle size and shape variation and in turn determine why a process is failing, why yield is reduced, what the source of product variation is, and whether or how a process can be best scaled up to commercial manufacturing.

Key Features

  • Tried and tested through installations around the world on Fluidised Bed Coating (e.g Wurster), Fluidised bed Granulation/Drying, Twin Screw Granulation, Dry Granulation/Roller Compaction, Extrusion Spheronisation, Milling, Blending, and product transfer process equipment.

  • Uses direct imaging processed in real-time, with ellipses fitted to each particle's boundary, shape and size reported back, highlighting variations.

  • Continuous monitoring of processes critical quality attributes (CQAs) delivers sufficient understanding to devise a data-driven control strategy.

  • Can be used both in-line and at-line/benchtop for at-line/benchtop measurement of manufacturing processes in real-time.

  • Non-product contact to ensure proper measurements every time.

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