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To ensure extremely easy, reliable analysis, HORIBA has developed a unique, disposable sample cell allowing you to easily see the sample in a leak-free package; this being possible without spilling any of the sample. The cell's Mylar film window offers extremely high measurement accuracy. (Patented in U.S.A., Germany and Japan).

HORIBA's two-piece sample cells are made for all SLFA/MESA Products. Used to measure sulfur content for petroleum-based products (i.e. - gasoline, crude oil, diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, bio fuels, and more).

  • P/N 5500526804 (48 cells/box): The two-piece sample cell is more reliable, easier to use, and less expensive than the previous 3-point cups.


  • P/N 3014065886 (old P/N 350254): Window, Sample Cell (Mylar Sheets), 100/box

Discontinued (as of December 2019):

  • P/N 3014050342 (old P/N 350252): Frame, Outer, Sample Cell, w/Inner Frame, carton/30, (3 piece cups)

  • P/N 3014050343 (old P/N 350255): Sample Cell, Disposable, 50/box., (3 piece cups)


Disposable Sample Cells
for Reliable and Fast Analysis

Price per unit (piece): Call for Pricing

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