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The MESA-7220V2 measures both sulfur and chlorine in petroleum based products using the Monochromatic EDXRF method. A monochromatic X-ray source is used in order to obtain an ultra-low noise background which affords the best detection limits for both sulfur and chlorine.

The detector window size was increased to collect more fluorescent X-rays and thus achieve lower level ppm values. This provides excellent, repeatable performance at both low and high concentrations of both elements.

By adjusting the angle of the graphite crystal, the excitation beam can be measured to excite sulfur in the sample, increasing sensitivity.

*Available in select countries

Key Features

  • Dynamic Analysis Range
    Auto Ranging for extended curves.

           - Sulfur:      0.7 ppm - 10.0Wt%

           - Chlorine:  0.6 ppm - 10.0Wt%


  • No purge gases required.

  • Maximum 60 calibration curves and 300 data points per curve.

  • Calibration curves can be edited after they have been saved.

  • Measurement times from 30 – 999 sec.

  • Measurement repeats from 1 – 99 times.

  • Oxygen correction feature eliminates interference which can affect Sulfur readings

  • Various sample types* [Solids, Liquids, Powders, Pastes, Pellets, and Films] can be measured.

  • Can program up to 20 Admin & User accounts.

  • User replaceable Kapton window.

  • Micrometer adjustment of graphite crystal angle for better sensitivity.

  • Stand-alone PC to allow software updates electronically.

  • Built-in interlocks to protect end-user from X-rays.

  • Silicon Drift Detector/X-ray Beryllium Window.

  • ASTM D7220 / D4294 / D4929C, ISO 8754 / 13032 / 20847

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