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The MESA-7220 delivers the latest innovation in field measurement of S, Cl, and other elements in petroleum-based products. This analyzer is based on the latest advances in Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) technology. It utilizes a proprietary X-ray optical technology and produces a polarized, mono-chromatic X-ray source. This approach is critical for a user to achieve an ultra-low noise background for the best limits of detection for S, Cl and other elements. This provides excellent performance at high concentration (multiple wt. % levels), simultaneous multi-element analysis, and applicability over a wide range of sample types and excellent low ppm capabilities.

Key Features

  • Simultaneous element analysis


  • One calibration – for multiple petroleum matrices over a wide dynamic range


  • Dynamic Analysis Range: Sulfur: 0.7 mg/kg – 10.0 wt%   Chlorine: 0.6 mg/kg – 10.0 wt%


  • Various sample types including liquids, solids, pastes, powders, films and pellets


  • No purge or combustion gases required


  • Correction for Oxygen interference that can affect Sulfur results significantly in other analyzers


  • User defined measurement times (90 - 600 seconds)


  • Single digit ppm repeatability achieved on low level samples

  • Multiple Calibration Curve capability with easy storage and retrieval for matrix matching


  • Rugged, user serviceable Kapton Windows


  • Accurately measures sulfur, chlorine and other elements in the presence of moisture

The MESA-7220 performance is well established, as it is compliant with ASTM and ISO International Sulfur Determination Norms:

  • ASTM D7220

  • ASTM D4294

  • ASTM D4929C

  • IP 532

  • EN ISO 8754

  • EN ISO 13032

  • EN ISO 20847

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