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The HORIBA PSA300 is a state-of-the-art, turnkey image analysis system for particle size and shape characterization. The seamless integration of Clemex-designed image analysis software with automated microscopy creates a powerful, but easy to use workstation for use in a wide range of applications from pharmaceutical research to materials science.


Automated image analysis is rapidly replacing manual microscopy in laboratories wanting unparalleled accuracy and resolution in size and shape coupled with the statistical confidence from inspecting thousands more particles than otherwise possible.

Key Features

  • Recommended range is 0.5 to 1000 microns in size (2000 microns size with 1.25X optional objective).

  • Main length (longest particle dimension), circular diameter (equivalent diameter based on particle area), feret average (caliper measurements circumscribing particle), string length (curved fiber type particle length) and any user defined parameter.


  • Aspect ratio (particle length/particle width), particle Sphericity (area/perimeter ratio), particle Roundness (area/circle area ratio), particle Roughness (edge smoothness), string aspect ratio (fiber type particle aspect ratio), and any user defined shape parameters.

  • Spherical volume (volume based on spherical particle, closest to laser diffraction results), cylindrical volume (volume of rod type particles), tetragonal volume (volume of crystal shaped particles) and any user defined volume parameters.

  • Microscopy is the preferred technique for particle size analysis since it is the most direct measurement possible. When searching for the “real particle size distribution,” only one technique provides the most accurate results –
    image analysis.

  • The challenge with manual microscopy is inspecting enough particles to assure statistical validity to reported distribution values. Automated image analysis quickly inspects thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of particles, ensuring confidence not only at the mean, but also at the tails of the distribution (d10 and d90).

  • A single picture of a particle next to a size scale has settled many an argument over the presence of large particles in a sample. The PSA300 can store an image of every particle inspected, providing intuitive confirmation of the kind of particles in a sample.

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